DynamicFilterControl DataField and joined tables

Dec 1, 2009 at 2:23 AM

Howdy folks,

I'm very new to asp/linq, so apologies if I don't appear to know what I'm talking about (I don't).

I have a bunch of tables all joined with PK/FK's in my DataContext. Specifically a couple of the tables are aspnet_Membership and another tblUserProfile. Both have a UserId key and are linked in the dbml.

Is there some way to set the DataField of DynamicFilterControl to a field on a joined table?  tblUserProfile is recognized as a property of a datasource connecting to the aspnet_Memberships table, but tblUserProfile.FirstName (a column in that table) isn't.


<asp:DynamicFilterControl ID="DynamicFilterControl3" runat="server" DataField="tblUserProfile"  FilterMode="Contains" />

will crash when it tries to find a field template for tblUserProfile

If I try to do:

<asp:DynamicFilterControl ID="DynamicFilterControl3" runat="server" DataField="tblUserProfile.FirstName"  FilterMode="Contains" />

It crashes saying that asnet_Memberships doesn't have a column named tblUserProfile.FirstName


Is there some way to set the datafield of the dynamicfiltercontrol to this joined field?