DynamicFilterRepeater - Blank Search Form


I've followed all the steps found here (http://blogs.catalystss.com/blogs/josh_heyse/archive/2008/10/01/asp-net-dynamic-data-filtering-dynamicfilterrepeater.aspx), which by the way demonstrate a different Product class configuration then in the samples you get with the installer. So that was a confusing. Not to mention the Sample has a dbml file that has the same name as the project and the database file, so that's confusing. Also there are Adventureworks namespaces all over the place, and I'm not sure where to insert these in my code, as that step is not part of the instructions from the blog post. Another thing I'm confused about is whether the name space is referencing the application or dmbl classes. I'll admit I'm not very good at asp.net, but I would assume it's referencing the actual project name "AdventureWorks".
Anyways, the problem is that everything compiles correctly, but the DynamicFilterRepeater shows up empty. The word "search" shows up, as well as the search and clear buttons, but that's it.
I'm sure I'm just missing something really obvious. It's probably the fact that I don't have a dbml file in the BusinessObjects folder (it's in the root), or something to do with the namespaces NOT being the outer layer of all my classes, or.......
I'm so frustrated that I'm considering making the switch to DDFuture, and try the searching that way, but I really like this approach, and have invested sooo much time in it already.
Please help as my job hangs in the balance,


jheyse wrote Dec 9, 2008 at 11:19 PM


Can you please provide some code examples? Filtering using the DynamicFilterRepeater is OPT-IN. So you must attribute the properties of your Metadataclass to add filtering. I'm sorry that the samples are confusing. I believe that the name of the class inside the DBML is AdventureWorksDataContext. To achieve this by default you name the dbml item AdventureWorks.


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