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In the current release of the Dynamic Data Framework filtering support is limited to foreign key drop downs and boolean true/false criteria. Dynamic Data Filtering extends the Dynamic Data Framework to add the ability to filter on any column of a table, regardless of type. In addition to allowing filtering on any column, complex filtering is supported for the following:

• Searching ranges (ListPrice > 10 AND ListPrice < 500)
• Searching in a list of possible values (Class in (‘L’, ‘M’))
• Partial text searching (Color LIKE ‘B%’)
• Not null or empty (DiscontinuedDate is not NULL)

These advanced filtering capabilities can also be used to with traditional ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 applications. The only requirement is to replace LinqDataSource with the DynamicLinqDataSource provided in the Dynamic Data Filtering library.

The DynamicFilterForm (shown below) uses FilterTemplates, similar to FieldTemplates within Dynamic Data to generate the search inputs. The DynamicFilterForm also has the ability to create query string driven links to allow users to return to a filtered view via bookmark or URL.


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